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We help you get your data out of spreadsheets

We provide comprehensive BI assessments and maturity evaluations, along with tailored executive KPI and boardroom metric roadmaps to align business strategies with data-driven insights.

Strategic Assessment and Roadmapping

Our services include prototype development, proof-of-concept delivery, architecture design, and dashboard development to implement effective and innovative BI solutions.

Development and Delivery

We ensure high data quality and optimization through meticulous data management practices and advanced analytics reporting automation.

Data Quality and Optimization

Our offerings feature customized BI reporting, ongoing feedback loops, and monthly metric monitor briefings to facilitate continuous improvement and informed decision-making.

Reporting and Continuous Improvement

Consulting Services

Our Approach:


Perform initial discovery, assess client needs, document business goals and objectives, and create an action plan.


Acquire and connect the data, validate and cleanse it, develop data management processes, and analyze.


Evolve analysis and reporting, adapt implementation, and develop new dashboards as business changes and matures.


Tap into business intelligence consultants for ongoing education and training to achieve sustainable results.

Ditch the Spreadsheets

Move your data from rows and columns to the future using AI Data Fusion and Generative Business Intelligence from Snowfire to Drive your business forward. 

Data Maximization and Business Intelligence Solutions for the AI Economy

Smart Business Solutions Consulting for Companies that are Transforming Business Operations into Data Driven Decisions to support Growth, Margin, Retention and Operational KPI's. 

Building Data-Driven Executive Decisions 





Business Intelligence is no longer a nice to have

  • Data-Driven Strategic Planning

  • BI Assessments, Maturity 

  • Executive KPI Roadmaps

  • Boardroom Metric Roadmaps

  • Prototype Development

  • Proof-of-Concept Delivery

  • Architecture Design

  • Data Quality/Optimization

  • Analytics Reporting Automation

  • Dashboard Development

  • Ongoing Feedback loops

  • BI Reporting Customization

  • Monthly Metric Monitor Briefings

Our Customer Process

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